Favorite Weapons

New weapon categories introduced as DLC in DYNASTY WARRIORS 8 and DYNASTY WARRIORS 8: Xtreme Legends are included, which includes new favorite weapons for 9 different characters.

Lianshi's favorite weapon, which she keeps one in each hand.
Although it features a short reach, it makes up for it with sheer speed.

Liu Shan's favorite weapon, it can move quite well despite its slow-moving appearance.
By continuing the user's guard, it can lead into a variety of special counterattacks.

Deng Ai's favorite weapon, it is capable of rapidly firing multiple arrows.
Although it is best suited for long range attacks,
it can also be used as a direct weapon when in close quarters.

Wang Yi's favorite weapon, it is primarily used by assassins.
It features a short reach, but it is capable of multiple rapid attacks.

Sun Quan's favorite weapon, it wraps its blade in fire, allowing for powerful attacks.
It has no problems with attack speed or reach, making it an easy weapon to handle.

Xiaoqiao's favorite weapon, it is capable of creating small tornadoes in addition to
dealing direct damage when used to strike the enemy.
They can also fly freely about when in the air.

Guan Suo's favorite weapon, they are equipped on the feet,
meaning that all of its attacks are based on kicks.
They can also launch combo attacks while in the air.

Yueying's favorite weapon, it is a special weapon that combines a crossbow with a short sword.
After firing multiple shots at close range, it will fire a homing arrow as well.

Meng Huo's favorite weapon,
it is a heavy weapon that is designed to be swung about freely.
During Strong Attacks, it may switch into a palm tree or other item.