Online Play

In this game, you can participate in online cooperative play with other players from around the world in order to take on stages or powerful enemies that are too difficult to face alone.
*Player 2 is only able to play using their own custom characters.
*The Weapon Level and officer abilities for Player 2 will be set to match those of Player 1.
*Stratagems can be chosen from those owned by Player 1. In addition, Player 2 is unable to equip Large Scale Stratagems.
Player 1 can select a stage in Free Mode, and use "Play online" to recruit a second player.
Player 2 can use "Join Online Play" from the main menu to participate in a game of their choosing.
You can perform a 2P True Musou Attack when Player 1 and Player 2 are in close proximity of one another.

*Japanese version screenshots are shown.

Free Alliances Version (FAV) allows players to enjoy the numerous game play features of DW8: Empires and it’s unique tactical based game style. Experience both “Free Mode” and “Edit Mode” with online cooperative play coming for free (restrictions applies for certain features in FAV contents compared to the full product). FAV available for free download starting 10th March 2015 for both Playstation®3 and Playstation®4. For further detail, please refer to the [online manual] (Playstation®4 version).

*Additional purchase required for certain functions of the available modes.
*Certain features (Empire Mode, Gallery, Encyclopedia) only available in full product.