This game features a variety of special skills known as stratagems that can have various effects on the battle.
You can select up to 5 stratagems via the "Stratagem Settings" option before going into battle and can use them by activating them with the "Stratagem Gauge," which calculates the cost of each stratagem.

Some stratagems will be unavailable for a set period of time once used.
Additionally, Large Scale Stratagems that have powerful effects can require a certain period of time before they can be used, or may necessitate that your allied units retreat temporarily.

The type of stratagems you can carry will depend on the position of your character, and the higher the position, the more stratagems you can equip.

*Japanese version screenshots are shown.

Stratagems have various effects, such as directly inflicting damage on enemy troops or bases, increasing the abilities of your character, or changing weather conditions.
Additionally, some smaller stratagems have more locally-focused effects, while others can affect the entire battlefield.
This means that using stratagems with the proper timing is the key to wielding them effectively in battle.
Set fire to a specific enemy base with “Fire Attack,” inflicting damage against enemy troops and bases. Cause portions of the enemy army to retreat by using “Gale.”
Use “Rain Altar” to call forth a rainstorm, which can weaken enemy fire attacks. Attack enemy spot towers with “Catapult.”

*Japanese version screenshots are shown.

■ Other examples
Inferno Set fire to all of the enemy's bases, inflicting damage against enemy soldiers and bases for a set period of time.
Temper Restore 2 units of your character's Musou Gauge.
Unity Restore the Health of your character and any allied units within range.
Wind Altar Create an altar that causes strong gusts of wind to blow through the battlefield.
The effect will be lost if the enemy destroys the altar.

By combining two different stratagems, such as using Wind Altar to spread the flames caused by Inferno, you can increase a stratagem's effects.
Conversely, you can also use a stratagem to make it rain and thereby weaken the effects of an enemy stratagem like Fire Attack or Inferno.

Stratagems can be learned by spending Gold at the Academy, or be given as a reward from your Ruler, sworn sibling, or spouse for good performance.

*Japanese version screenshots are shown.